To be the Leaders in developing and innovating world class
pharmaceutical personnel, products and systems for the benefit of society.

Values and Principles

Innovation: To achieve innovative teaching and research of high quality through maintenance of a balanced integration of scientific excellence, social relevance and the personal growth of students and staff.

Respect for diversity: To encourage learning and working, without fear of any harm, in an open, empowering and professional culture.

People-centredness: To encourage participation of stakeholders, staff and students in decision making.

Engagement: To pursue the full realisation of the Department's potential in dynamic interaction with the community.

Integrity: To encourage students to strive for high standards of professionalism and co-operation with other healthcare personnel in order to best serve the interests of the patient and community.

Excellence: To develop students into highly competent pharmacists and pharmacy technicians who are committed to meeting the healthcare needs of the people of South Africa.

Student access, equity and fairness: To promote equity of access and fair opportunities so as to give every student the best chance of academic and professional success.