DURU is a registered Research Unit at Nelson Mandela University


DURU was established in 1994 as a Research Unit in the Department of Pharmacy at the University of Port Elizabeth (UPE) by Prof Ian Wiseman and Dr Ilse Truter doing contract research for medical aid schemes and administrators. It has established itself as a research unit with 39 postgraduate (Honours, Masters and Doctoral) studies successfully completed or currently underway. It has also produced numerous peer-reviewed publications and over 250 conference presentations and workshops.

Mission Statement:

The Drug Utilization Research Unit (DURU) at Nelson Mandela University promotes, educates and informs all interested parties about the rational and cost-effective use of health care resources, with specific emphasis on the management of medicines.

Aim and Scope of Activities:

The primary aim of DURU is to be involved in research activities related to the rational and cost-effective use of health care resources.

The scope of activities of DURU include:

  • Supervision of postgraduate students.
  • Generation of research outputs, primarily but not exclusively peer-reviewed journal publications.
  • Involvement in the training of health care staff and students in Drug Utilization, including workshops and short courses.
  • Consultation services.

Contact Details:

Ilse Truter: Tel: +27-41-5042131 
Fax: +27-41-5042744 
E-mail: ilse.truter@mandela.ac.za


Mrs Susan van Staden (secretary - Department of Pharmacy)
Tel: +27-41-5042128 

Physical address:

Drug Utilization Research Unit (DURU)
Biology Building, 2nd Floor, Room 57 (12-02-57)
Department of Pharmacy
Nelson Mandela University (South Campus)
University Way
Port Elizabeth

Postal address:

Drug Utilization Research Unit (DURU)
Department of Pharmacy
PO Box 77000
Nelson Mandela University (South Campus)
Port Elizabeth

Contact information
Prof Ilse Truter
Director: School of Clinical Care & Medicinal Sciences
Tel: 041 504 2131