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PEPSA is the Port Elizabeth Pharmaceutical Students Association. We are the student’s direct link to the South African Pharmacy Students’ Federation (SAPSF) and the Pharmaceutical Society of South Africa (PSSA).

Our main goal is to keep the Pharmacy Students of NMMU informed of the latest events unfolding in the Pharmacy profession and provide a means for the students to reach out to the community via projects we arrange. We also aim to provide a student life to the hard working students, allowing them to relax when times get tough.


  • To reach out to the community by providing health services, knowledge and necessary aid (donations)
  • To promote the profession of Pharmacy
  • To create health awareness in the community
  • To keep Pharmacy students informed about changes in the Pharmacy profession
  • To create a sense of unity within the Pharmacy students of NMMU

Why should you join PEPSA

  • PEPSA is a branch of the South African Pharmacy Students Federation (SAPSF)
  • You become an automatic associate member of the PSSA (Pharmaceutical Society of South Africa)
  • You become entitled to apply for membership with the IPSF (International Pharmaceutical Students Federation)
  • You may then participate in the intervarsity or IPSF student exchange program.

PEPSA maintains bonds with the following professional bodies:

  • PSSA
  • Pharmacy Student Associations of:
    • Durban-Westville University (DUPSA)
    • Potchefstroom (PASV)
    • Rhodes University (RUPSA)
    • University of the North (UNAPS)
    • University of the Western Cape (UWCAPS)
    • Witwatersrand (WPSA)
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